SS21 Press Release


Like a flower field of a million pastel colours, our SS21
collection captures the light feeling of the new spring
season. Awakening from winter slumber this collection
arises like a fresh and cheerful beginning to the year.
Incorporating a fresh new colour palette - a true homage
to spring.
With drops of botanic retro coming across in the
organic and floral shapes, the collection embraces the
sharp and structured tailoring combined with the casual
touch of soft fabrics. A transition from winter made easy
and wearable, ready to embrace the lighter season with
style and elegance.
The collection features a range of new, fresh silhouettes
and two-piece sets, shining a rich and sophisticated light
on spring wear. The collection is made with versatility and
wearability in mind; the styles can be mixed and matched
across the colour palettes, making it easy to showcase
personal style.

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